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After School Programs

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Through After School programming, Diversified Community Services takes pride in providing high quality programming to all youth served by ensuring all youth are safe, engage in enriching activities, and have an enjoyable experience between the hours of 3pm and 6pm Monday through Friday.
WLC’s After School Program serves between 40 and 50 youth during the school year and over 100 youth during the summer from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Our After School Program is Department of Public Welfare (DPW) licensed which enables us to enroll in the Keystone STARS program providing technical assistance, professional development trainings for little or no cost, and additional funding opportunities.

The primary goal of the After School Program is to better prepare Point Breeze’s K-5 children to meet their futures by teaching them to become better thinkers, problem solvers, and to make informed choices by teaching chess during the early development years. This goal aligns with our agency goals to improve educational and developmental outcomes of children in distressed communities, ensure that children have access to a continuum of cradle-through-college-to-career solutions, and enhance school, home and neighborhood conditions so they are more nurturing and supportive.

WLC’s primary goal is to have an enduring positive impact on our students’ critical thinking and social skills, and ability to achieve academically.


  • The immediate results we hope to achieve with the program are to excite kids about learning, school and engage them.
  • The anticipation of an engaging activity will increase students’ receptiveness to the lessons.
  • Connect students to academic material by engaging their interests, and fostering positive emotions

Summer Camp

Western Learning Center’s Summer Camp Program provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks, in addition to academic and extracurricular activities to support the retention of students’ in-school knowledge while emphasizing team building among their peers. Our students attend weekly trips that are educational, and full of adventure. Chess, music, swimming, sports, dance, karate, golf, arts and crafts are also an integral part of the curriculum and daily activities.

The Western Learning Center Summer program also has support through community engagements from the Free Library of Philadelphia, Eagle’s Book Mobile, Streets Smart and parent volunteers. The staff is experienced in arts, dance, sports, and karate. Staff receives ongoing training that includes First Aid and CPR.