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Diversified Community Services is a large organization with a sizeable operating budget, employing 100 and serving over 8,000 clients annually. The majority of DCS’ revenue, however, is committed to the delivery of contracted services. Approximately 86% of DCS’ fiscal year 2012 revenue came from government contracts. An additional 5% was generated by program service fees. In addition, the demand for safety net services has increased at the same time that funding has been reduced. For example, this past year DCS served X% more families who were at risk of losing utility services or housing than in the prior year.

Given this situation and climate, even modest gifts make a real difference. As a committed and informed donor you can help DCS elevate our mission to provide leadership and quality services that strengthens and coordinates the Point Breeze and surrounding communities’ efforts on behalf of children, youth and families, especially those that are most vulnerable. Your personal investment in DCS will go a long way in realizing a diverse, prosperous, and vibrant Point Breeze community where all residents are treated with dignity and respect-a community where the impacts of poverty are acknowledged and action is taken to empower those in need.

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We have ambitious plans for the future of DCS and the Point Breeze community. Under the direction of our Executive Director Otis L. Bullock, Jr., Esq. we are poised to execute them; and have already begun to make notable strides.

On behalf of Diversified Community Services’ Board of Directors, Executive Director, staff, and most importantly our clients, I thank you for making a financial commitment to fuel the daily activities at DCS and to further advancement towards our vision for the future.

~ Otis Bullock, Jr., Esq., Executive Director
Diversified Community Services